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ElectraMeccanica Warranty

At ElectraMeccanica, we marry bold ideas with elegant design to create thrilling new ways to move people responsibly. Your new single-seat, three-wheeled SOLO is a bold new idea in personal transportation, providing an elegant solution to the challenges facing today's urban driver. Your SOLO is artfully engineered, through quality design and materials, to provide thrills and deliver you dependability for your everyday journey. Thank you for joining us as we begin to change the way the world moves, one seat at a time.

ElectraMeccanica Multiple Warranty Conditions 

This vehicle limited warranty contains terms and conditions that may vary depending on the part or system. Specific part or systems are covered as defined in those sections of this limited warranty below. Additionally, there are situations in which the limited warranty may not cover a repair, for example, due to an improper repair conducted by an uncertified mechanic or the vehicle's owner. The limited warranty would remain in e­ffect for all other components on the vehicle that were not affected by the improper repair. A complete list of items not covered under the limited warranty is below.

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